Attendance and Absence at Secondary Schools

Data presented here is an extract of data relating to the attendance and absence of pupils at Glasgow’s Secondary Schools. Attendance and absence information is provided to the Scottish Government by the local authorities and managers of mainstream grant-aided schools. This data does not provide information on attendance and absence in grant-aided special schools, independent schools or pre-school establishments.

The data is measured in half days based on 380 half day academic school year. Data is provided for: the total number of half days possible; the number of half days Attendance in School or on other authorised educational activities; Authorised Absences; Unauthorised Absences; and Exclusions. Further details of the meanings and attributes can be found in the data dictionary supplied.

Data is graduated to school level and covers the period 2003/2004 - 2012/2013. Full datasets for Scotland can be obtained from this link.

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