Projected Population for Glasgow City Council (2012 Based) 2012-2037

Data shows projected population for Glasgow City Council (2012 Based) for the years 2012-2037. A projection is a calculation which shows what happens if particular assumptions are made. It is important to have high quality statistics on projected population change as this can be used for policy development, planning and providing public services in different geographical areas. They are used in central and local finance allocation, informing the provision of nurseries or day care centres, informing local and national policy, housing and land use planning, health care planning among others.

They are trends based and not policy based of what the government expects to happen. They are affected by many social and economic factors including policies adopted by the central and local governments. The assumptions made for the datasets are based on the trends in 2012 and this is due to change in the following years as affected by factors listed above. More information about Population Projections can be found here

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